Carl & Rowan’s Amazing Vintage Wedding in the BeautifulLake District

Rowan and Carl’s wedding up near the Lakes in the beautiful English countryside was a real creative day. This was a wedding of two halves; firstly the guys went over to the local registry office in Grange-over-Sands to do the official wedding bit, then came to Castle Head and did the whole thing again for their guests.  You could tell that this couple’s life is one of art and theatre; Carl treading the boards in Liverpool and Rowan an artist, creating street theatre puppets amongst other things.  Everything from the bunting to the homemade picnics, in beautiful old baskets; gave a real vintage wedding feeling to the day. The ceremony was fantastic with stories of how the happy couple met, readings and poems written specifically for them; and guests singing songs in celebration. The culmination of the ceremony was a tying of the knot… literally. All the guests brought along ribbons which they were invited to tie around the bride and groom’s hands to show they were now man and wife.

I’m sure you will agree from the pictures; that it really was a special day.

Car_andl_Rowan0070Car_andl_Rowan0075 Car_andl_Rowan0085 cr3 _DSC3188 

_DSC3187Car_andl_Rowan0027-2  _DSC3213 Car_andl_Rowan0054_DSC3579-2 _DSC3594-2  Car_andl_Rowan0163-2 Car_andl_Rowan0122 Car_andl_Rowan0121 Car_andl_Rowan0165-2     Car_andl_Rowan0126-3 Car_andl_Rowan0171-2  Car_andl_Rowan0234-2Car_andl_Rowan0243 Car_andl_Rowan0194-2Car_andl_Rowan0238-2   cr4 Car_andl_Rowan0253  Car_andl_Rowan0207 Car_andl_Rowan0094cr2   Car_andl_Rowan0213-3Car_andl_Rowan0218  cr1Car_andl_Rowan0263-2       Car_andl_Rowan0305Car_andl_Rowan0299 Car_andl_Rowan0328 Car_andl_Rowan0330Car_andl_Rowan0598 Car_andl_Rowan0588 Car_andl_Rowan0554-2 Car_andl_Rowan0547 Car_andl_Rowan0473Car_andl_Rowan0490cr5

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