Cheshire Wedding Photography Questions

Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality
Alfred Stieglitz

Who will be photographing us?

It will be myself taking your pictures often in conjuction with another photographer to act as an assistant

Is there a contract?

Yes, you will indeed be required to sign a contract.

How do we secure a date? Can you hold a date?

In order for me to be available for the date you have requested you will need to sign the contract and pay a deposit. Unfortunately, I am unable to hold a date without a signed contract and a paid deposit.

How much is the deposit

The deposit is typically half the full cost of coverage as agreed with yourself. The balance will be due 4 weeks before your day and I will invoice in advance. In the event of a cancellation the deposit paid is non-refundable.

I would like high-resolution images too?

I include a disc of the high resolution images with all my wedding coverage so you can print out to your hearts content.

We’re not getting married for ages, how long in advance can we book?

I am currently taking bookings for 2011-2012; I would recommend booking early as I regularly have to revisit my package prices due to supplier costs and other financial considerations.

What about VAT?

I do not add VAT to any of my prices

What if you get the dreaded lurgy?

Don’t worry I never do – at least I haven’t yet, but if I was ill you can rest assured that I have a network of photographers, of the same calibre, who will gladly step in at a moments notice.

I hate having my picture taken?

No one expects you to act like a super-model vogueing poses like Kate Moss, and that is why I offer a totally free pre-wedding photoshoot. I know it can seem daunting at first, but you will be surprised how quickly you get used to it and before you know were you are you will be directing the shoot. The pre wed is a great time to get to know each other, discuss what you want from your wedding photography and it’s so much fun it really does take the stress out of having your picures taken on the big day.

You are insured?

Yes I am. I am fully insured and this is a must for any photographer choosing to capture weddings.

The Wedding Day

What is “all day” wedding photography?

Typically for me all day is around 10hrs of coverage; from the bridal preperations at around 10am; to the firest dance at about 8pm. Obviously there is some flexibility to the time required to capture your day, but if there is a significant overrun I will have to charge a small extra fee. If you do not need coverage for the full day, please get in touch and I can offer something to fit.

What about group shots? how many should we have?

Group shots are one of those essential ingredients to your day, but they can take time, try to keep to around 8. Make sure your best man, ushsers and bridesmaids have copies of your list this will be essential to organise and make your shots run smoothly.

How many pictures do you take?

a lot, and to be fair it’s hard to put a number on just how may will be taken but from typical all day coverage you will recieve about 400 pictures.

Do you mind if guests take pictures?

No of course not, except when I am taking the pictures of the Bride and Groom alone, as having someone there often only causes a distraction to the couple. Also I would as for anybody who wants to take a picture of the groups do wait as I like to have all your guests eyes on my camera at the crucial moment. I would also ask that guests wishing to capture any of the key moments please respect myself and any assistants and not to push in order to take a photo.

After The Wedding

Where are my pictures?

I aim to have all your pictures on my online proof site within 4 weeks of your big day; as soon as they are available I will send you an email with a link to your pictures.

Do I get proofs?

Yes via my online proof gallery.

Do we have any say over how the album will look?

Although I design the initial layout the final approval is yours, I allow two sets of alterations any alterations after this I will incur a fee for the redesign time. I find that couples very rarely need more than two sets of changes.

How many pictures can I have in my album?

Lots, though I recommend that you do try not to cram too many on any one page as the design will look cluttered and lose its romantic feel. Each album comes with 30 pages and I do not charge for extra photos only for extra pages.